And the 2K Fans Winners Are!

The sun is shining and its gorgeous out!  Perfect day to announce the winners!  I can honestly say it was a lot of fun putting together this  and keeping up with it ( I really enjoyed myself).
I cannot wait for the next one! 🙂  I know that many of you have been waiting patiently for me to announce the winners of the Paola Jofre Photography 2K fan giveaway. Before I do I would very much like to say thank you so much to all of my very talented wonderful sponsors. Without them this giveaway would not have been able to take place.  Please follow these links and thank the sponsors for their generosity.

I Yarned it Just For You

Moustache on a Stick

Kraft and Jute

Jessy’s Props&Creations

Bean Bailey


Frog and Penguin

Trendy Little Tots

Buggy D Creations

Sweetbebe Props

Little Chics Pics

Desira Todd Photography

Vintage Lucy

Tribec Creations

Paola Jofre Photography

Photoprop Floors and Backdroops

Sprinkles for Sprouts

Pokadot Imagination

Buggaboo Boutique

Melissa Stratton Photography

Bebe Bee Couture

Two special announcements! Moustache on a Stick has been  so generous that she is offering a 20% to all of Paola Jofre Photography fans!  You don’t want to miss your chance purchasing props from Amber.  The quality of her product far exceeds any cardboard cut out!   coupon code (“2000FANS15”)
Also a huge thank you to the very talented and crafty Kraft and Jute for their fabulous prize to my 2000 fan Adrianna!

*Very important please read~ Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize.  After 48 hours a new winner will be drawn.  Verification will occur, if you’re name is not on the likes list of the sponsors you will be disqualified!  There are no exceptions!  If there is abusive language or harassment on my wall or that of the sponsors you will be blocked permanently and reported.

*Winners please post on the sponsors fan page wall and email them (you will find their emails in the info section under profile pic) that you are their winner. I will be emailing the sponsors with your names today for verification.  

Without further ado, the winners are..yep you heard me…20 winners!  Here we go! 🙂  Nail biting isn’t it LOL 🙂

Sponsor                                                Winner                                                                               I Yarned it Just For You                      Sarah Leatherman

Jessy’s Props&Creations                      Melanie Briggs

Bean Bailey                                            Ana

Ginny Haupert Textures                      Shonna Cook

Frog and Penguin                                  Pam Radford

Trendy Little Tots                                 Jessie Sarrazin

Buggy D Creations                                 Kim M

Sweetbebe Props                                    Chynthia Dawson

Little Chics Pics                                     Ann Cockerham

Desira Todd Photography                    Melissa Sanchez

Vintage Lucy                                           Jessica Hastings

Tribec Creations                                     Dawn Parsons

Paola Jofre Photography                       Chance Pedersen

Photoprop Floors and Backdroops       Erin Nole

Sprinkles for Sprouts                              Adina Horton

Pokadot Imagination                              Jill Fenton

Buggaboo Boutique                                 Kandis Albertson

Melissa Stratton Photography              Anne Nack

Bebe Bee Couture                                    Tatiana Fowler

Kraft and Jute                                           Adrianna

Winners were selected using a random name generator, those that entered twice where entered in the generator twice.

I hope you all had as much fun as I did!   Welcome to all the wonderful fans lots of fun and exciting things will be taking place at Paola Jofre Photography.  Thank you to the sponsors..I am looking forward to using your products in future shoots and showing off your incredible talents!

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2k fan giveaway happening now at Paola Jofre photography

2000 fans!  Yay!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me.  I am truly blessed for all the clients and for all the friendships I have made throughout the years…photographers that I have had the honour to watch grow into such amazing talents.

To say thank you to all of you I have put together a giveaway.  It has been  a lot of hard work and but so much fun putting this giveaway together.  We have  many  talented vendors sponsoring Paola Jofre Photography’s 2k Giveaway, without them this giveaway would not be able to take place!  Thank you to each and every sponsor for your generosity!  The giveaway begins September 19 2011 and runs until October 3,2011. The WINNERS…you heard me WINNERS!  ….will be announced on October 6th.  Good Luck to everyone!  Have fun!

Now the fun begins….we have to follow some rules so that this awesome giveaway can run smoothly.   Please follow the rules so that you do  not get disqualified.  Note that if I cannot verify your tags then you will not be entered.  The rules are very simple and will only take a moment. Also please note that the list of sponsors is at the bottom of post so keep on reading and scrolling down so you don’t miss out on any of the wonderful sponsors 🙂

Step 1- Share the link of my giveaway  on either your personal or business page and make sure to tag my business name Paola Jofre Photography in the post (this is for verification) come back to the blog and let me know you did so.

Step 2 –  Go to ALL the sponsors fan page and like their pages, post on their wall  thank you for being a sponsor @paolajofrephotography sent me!
 (make sure there is no space between the “at” sign and business name so that it is tagged correctly). Come back to the blog and tell me you did so (each time (2x) you post on the blog is an entry for the random generator..however, it will be verified …if possible share a link on your blog post of where you posted).

**inorder to be entered in the draw you must                           about the giveaway (with a tag to my business)                2.go to ALL sponsors and become a fan and post on their wall                                                                                                    3.VERY IMPORTANT!~ come back to this blog and tell us you did all those things.  Then and only then will your name be entered.**

when visiting sponsors pages do not go to fast as Facebook could suspend your movement for a few days 🙂  slow and steady wins the race 🙂

That’s it! that is all you have to do…so lets do it right 🙂

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at  

Photoprop Floors and Backdrop

Design Grunge, Size:  52 inches width x 6.5 FT height,Value: $76.25
Bean Bailey

Popcorn Earflap Hat

Mustache on a stick 

15% percent off from her Etsy shop

  Vintage Lucy 

Free printed T-shirt (winners choice)

Yarned it just for you

Sunflower Bonnet  

Jessy’s Props & Creations 

A cheesecloth selected by vendor

                                                   Ginny Haupert Textures

                                                           Frog and Penguin

Winners choice: fingerless gloves, Adult Hat (“Sharie” or “Q”),newborn hat (“Li’l Jailbird”, “Bonnie” or “Li’l Sport, variety pack of 3 handmade greeting cards

                                                      Trendy Little Tots

Pink crochet Beanie hat with flower clip (removable clip)
   Buggy D Creations 

A hat from her Etsy shop Value $28 

Sweetbebe props 

Free Romper Value $25 

Little Chics Pics

3 flowered banner for your little diva Value $25

Desirae Todd Photography

Colorless Collection Action set Value $30

Tribec Creations

$24 Gift Credit to any product in her shop

  Paola Jofre photography 

4 week 1:1 mentor program + 2 actions from the Itty Bitty Bot collection Value $324

Kraft and Jute   

#2000 fan! 20% off your order

Sprinkles for Sprouts

Chiffon Rosie Headband with pearl center(shipping included)

Value $15

 Pokadot imagination 

Owl hat

Buggaboo Boutique

2  sets of headbands and anklets (newborn -3months) Value $15 vendor will pay shipping                                                         Bebe bee couture

$20 Gift certificate for anything in her shop 

Melissa Stratton Photography

Thank you so much to all of my wonderful sponsors..without your generous donations I would not be able to host this  GREAT giveaway!

Bean Bailey

Mustache on a Stick

I Yarned It Just For You

Jessy’s Props&Creations

Ginny Haupert Textures

Frog and Penguin

Trendy Little Tots

Buggy D Creations

Sweetbebe props

Little Chics Pics

Desirae Todd Photography

Vintage Lucy

Tribec Creations

Paola Jofre Photography

Photoprop Floors and Backdrops

Kraft and Jute

Sprinkles for Sprouts

Pokadot Imagination

Buggaboo Boutique

Melissa Stratton Photography

Bebe bee couture

***VERY IMPORTANT***   Facebook is in no way endorsing/affiliated with this giveaway.   The information you are giving is to Paola Jofre Photography NOT Facebook.

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Photography & Children

Photography has been my love for the last 7 years.  I first started with Landscape photography I truly enjoyed setting up my tripod and loosing myself in the viewfinder and painting with light…it was a very magical feeling for me.  I wanted to learn all that I could about exposure and working with different lighting situations.  It was while working with light that I learned how to create beautiful illustrations that focused on children.  Susi Lawson first introduced me to this art and she opened a whole new world for me.  While taking just a simple photo of a child I began to relize that I really enjoyed working with kids and I wanted more.  I really wanted to try my hand at photographing children.  Like any starter photographer …I thought… KIDS!, EASY PEASY! Not a problem!  I was so wrong 🙂                                                                                                                Patience is key with kids and  yes, they can smell fear 🙂

I have fallen in love with children’s photography and working with children, and I love even more to share with others what I have learned along the way.   I welcome emails and try to help as best I can.  I’ve collected a few of them and the most common messages that I receive are as follow, how do I get my little clients to look so happy on camera.    Do you pose children?  What do you recommend kids wear on a shoot? How long are your shoots and how many images do you show clients?                    Keep reading to have a peek at how I work with children 🙂

Well..the truth is sometimes it’s easy.   Sometimes it’s not and I have to work hard to get the smiles.  The key is finding what interests your little client.  We have to remember how scary or stressful it is for a child to have to smile and interact with a stranger..let alone a stranger holding a  large camera in front of their face.  I really need them on the day of the shoot to feel like they know me and can laugh with me.  This is why I feel that a getting-to-know-the-client consultation is important. Not only is this informative for the parents but helps the child grow more comfortable with who you are. During this time  I get a sense if they are shy, talkative or full of giggles.  This will also help the little ones know me, what I look like and what I sound like.  The clothing I wear is important (now don’t shake your heads…Yes it is! 🙂 ).   A child is more likely to approach a person in color than a person dressed in black or dressed  conservative.  Most often you will also find me with a hello kitty hanging off my portfolio or somewhere on me.  The kids love her!  Knowing there name I still procced to ask.  I find kids love to answer questions and they love to share things about themselves and their families.  If they are not too shy then I will ask them what color they like and if they have favourite toys.  I am trying to get to know them so that on the day of the shoot we have something to talk and giggle about.

During the initial consultation I go through a small list of items with the parents  with what they should bring with them, included are a few small trinkets or toys has to be something the child favours…something small ( kids over 5) they can hold in their hand ( larger toys for younger children).  You will see that kids love to talk about their car or ball and will smile for you while talking about it.  For example: if  a child brings a small ball I will ask them how high can the ball go and of course the first thing they do is bounce it.  Awesome! Then I ask them to hold it in their hand and TELL ( not show me) me how high it can go. The child will focus on his/her thoughts ….be patient (sometimes you have to wait). The smile will come when they come up with something  terribly silly..if they need a bit of help, help them out and tell them “Can it bounce up to Mars?”  The response is usually a smile with “NO! ” … and then giggles.  Another technique I use is talking about farts or, better yet, asking them what mischievous things they do to their siblings or parents.  For example  I will ask them if they freeze their sisters shirts or put spaghetti in their pant pockets and what do their siblings do when they find out.  This usually makes them giggle and smile.  They will think you are super silly!Now there are times when I meet a child and they are talkative and full of giggles and then the day of the shoot  they shut down.  The reason for this is the new surroundings.  It is not familiar to them and they are not comfortable,  for little ones they are making strange, and you have to respect this.   I have found it takes a little one around 10 -15 minutes to get comfortable, and for some…longer.  What helps in situations like this is asking the parents to bring along some toys from home to give the child familiarity and comfort.  Let them move around the space, explore the area and play with their toys.  Keep your distance and start taking some pictures, look for indications from your little client if it bothers them that you are photographing them. If they do not like it, step back. You want their trust. Patience goes a long way working with children… before you know it you will get several smiles and possibly hear the giggles you heard the first time you met.

Should you pose a child?                                                                                                                 I work with children in different areas of photography.   One thing I have learned          (regular shoot or model shoot) is that if a child does not want to be posed or photographed, it won ‘t happen (I never push a child or ask for more than they can give).  On a few occasions I have had to reschedule so that the little one became more comfortable and familiar with me.  I do not pose a child who is under six.  I will show them the area and mark it where I would love for them to play and talk to me. ( Kids are visual ,green painters tape and “X” marks the spot).  For older children, seven to ten, I will try to pose them a bit.  I work on foot placement first ( a great tip I learned from Bambi Cantrell).  Check to see what the arms and hands are doing? Get them to hold on to an element that is around them or pointing to body parts for younger ones.  For something different I may ask them to try and see if they can spot a bird up in the sky. I point in the direction that I want them to look. This avoids me having to touch them (adjusting their chin).  I try to respect my little clients and not touch them if I do not have to.  When I pose them I show them and they follow along.  Why don’t I touch them, you ask? Well..most kids do not like being touched.  They like their space like adults do.  This doesn’t mean we don’t high five, this just means  I won’t go up to them and touch their chin to move it up slightly. If I do have to touch them  I always ask them first and tell them what I am doing.

An important message that needs to be given to children when you are working  with them is to always make sure to give them positive reinforcement. “Great job!”  “Awesome!”  let them know they are doing a wonderful job…even if they are not full of smiles..if they just look your way let them know how great they are doing.  Now if you find yourself with an itty bitty or older child who will just not smile. You are not alone!  I give a child around 25 minutes to warm up to me. If I see that the child’s mood has not changed by 25 minutes then I will reschedule the shoot and hope by the third meeting they will have warmed up to me.  If their mood is in the middle + parents okay and I feel that I can obtain beautiful images for my client then I proceed and  gently talk to them and try to capture them the best that I can.

Dress up or Casual?                                                                                                                    Clothing is important.  When I meet with my clients I give then a package filled with information of what to expect and what to wear resources.  I love color so I encourage my clients to have their kids in colorful outfits! In saying that I ask the parents to dress their children in clothes the children feel most comfortable.  If a little girl is wearing a dress and she hates dresses…your shoot may not go as wonderful as you had hoped and the smiles are a lot of work to come by.  The reason for this is your little client is not comfortable and it will show in your images.   Remember you are not shooting the clothes…you are capturing your little clients beautiful little smiles and personality.

Finally, another  couple of quick questions ask regarding photographing children is the duration of my shoots and how many images do I show my clients?  I only shoot for as long as the child will allow me to, and when they are done.  I am done!  I will not push them to be infront of the camera.  If need be I reschedule.

Typically my shoots run like this ( how much the child can give)                                   1-5 years of age    30minutes  ( I let parents know I block 1 hour but 30 minutes is more common for little ones under 3)

6-9 years of age     40-1 hour   ( changing locations really helps this age group and introducing props at different times)

10-13 years of age 1 hour  ( really important to let them be who they are and get them involved in the poses)

14-16 years of age  2 hours  ( my experience has been that this age group loves to have their picture taken with a focus…a theme and it does not have to be an extreme theme or expensive set up)

As for the images…I try really hard not to bombard the parents with a lot of them.   I normally show up to 30 fully edited images in a slideshow using Royalty free music purchased at Triple Scoop.

The best piece of advice that I give and will go far during a shoot with a child is let the kid in you come out and play!

Get down to their level, relax and have fun! 

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Trendy Little Tots Neapolitan Outfit goes to……..

What a challenge it has been to announce our winner 🙂  My little guy gets a broken pinky yesterday and while working on the blog post we loose power.   Now….Back on track  to announce the lucky winner of  Trendy Little Tots outfit.

What does the lucky winner receive?                                                                                      The winner receives a  gorgeous Neapolitan ice cream inspired Tutu (pink, white and brown) topped off with a pink satin bow. Pink crochet top Pink Gerbera Daisy flower on a pink nylon headband.

The winner is…….drum roll……… Lianne Racette Galaj!  Congratulations Lianne!  I will be contacting you via email for shipment of your beautiful outfit!

thank you so much to everyone who participated in the giveaway and thank you to Trendy Little Tots for such a gorgeous little outfit!  I had a wonderful time photographing your delightful Neapolitan tutu outfit 🙂

Please make sure to stop by Trendy Little Tots to thank her 🙂

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Introducing Trendy Little Tots + giveaway!

What are little girls made of……sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of 🙂

Somewhere in this sweet little nursery rhyme they should consider editing  in tutu’s and flowers.  I’ve noticed a growing trend  lately in little girls, they love to wear tutu’s and  big accessories as their everyday wear.  I don’t know about you but when I see an itty bitty in an adorable tutu I cannot help but smile and think how adorable they look. Living dolls!  The photographer in me in-visions wonderful images to create for parents.

I was very pleased when I had the privilege  of working with Trendy Little Tots designer Chiara from Bolton, Ontario Canada.
I know I have said it before ..but I am  having such a great time meeting Vendors in Children’s Fashion area and shooting commercial work.  The Talent and creativity I have come across on Facebook is incredible.  I wish I could buy even just one thing from all the shops I have come across.  Cloud nine!  However, my husband would cut me off! 🙂

I was thrilled  when I photographed one of Chiara’s  sweet outfits Neapolitan.  Just like the  ice cream!  When I first opened up my package I could instantly see why she named it the way she did.  Looking at it makes you feel like getting some Neapolitan ice cream! Yummy!  Beautiful color combination!

By now many of you know how much I appreciate detail and Chiara thank you for the detail and extra touches you put into your work.  The Flower head band was soft on the little ones head, I don’t even think she knew it was on. Perfect!
Beautifully constructed!  You really can tell Chiara made it with a great deal of love!

So cuddle up with your little girl on a comfy chair and hope on over to Trendy Little Tots to discover all her wonderful creations!

As always a great giveaway happens after a commercial shoot at Paola Jofre Photography.  You don’t want to miss this one! The winner will receive a;

Neapolitan ice cream inspired Tutu (pink, white and brown) topped off with a pink satin bow. Pink crochet top Pink Gerbera Daisy flower on a pink nylon headband.  Gorgeous little outfit for your little girl or an amazing outfit for photographers for those first year shots!

Here is all you have to do!

First stepVisit Trendy Little Tots  FB page  and post on her wall “We Love Neapolitan Ice Cream!”

Second StepVisit Paola Jofre photography’s fan page and post on her wall “I Love Neapolitan Ice Cream!

Third StepTell your friends  “Tell Trendy Little Tots & Paola Jofre photography you love Neapolitan Ice Cream!“( make sure you copy paste the blog link into your post)…Tag both Trendy Little Tots and Paola Jofre Photography fan pages onto your personal walls.

Fourth StepReturn to this blog and tell us you did all the steps!  ( only the names on the blog will be entered into the draw, tags will be confirmed)

Thats it!  On August 8  the winner will be selected via random name generator, and notified on this blog and email.  You have one week to claim your prize before another name is chosen.

don’t know how to tag

place the at sign before the fan page with no spaces  just like this @trendylittletots  and   @paolajofrephotography you will know you tagged us if our name is highlighted blue

Facebook is in no way affiliated with this contest.

The rules have now changed on Facebook for giveaways and contest, please make sure you read the instructions and follow them according.  Do not mention to go “Like” a page or encourage your friends to state this.

Thank you & Good Luck to everyone!

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and the WINNER is!

Lots of great giveaways going on at Paola Jofre Photography and many more to come so keep your eye on the wall.  I have had the privlege of working with some very talented ladies and today’s amazing giveaway vendor is  Kangacoo Design.  Two lucky winners are dressing up their girls in some very colorful and playful outfits designed by Katie at Kangacoo Design.

drum roll please……………..

1st winner is Jill!  Yay! Congratulations Jill!

2nd Winner is Tanya!  Yay! Congratulations Tanya!

Congratulations to both the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!

*winners are chosen via random name generator

*winners will be notified via email and have one week to claim their prize, if not claim another name will be drawn.

Have a happy beautiful Saturday!

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Itty Bitty Bot Actions are coming!

I am super excited to share with all of you a sneak peek of my actions to be released  August 2011 “Itty Bitty Bot Actions”.  Itty Bitty Bot derived from Lilliput my tin robot (main character in my children’s picture book).  I love robots..who am I kidding.  I love toys!  I chose Itty Bitty because all my work revolves around working with children (I refer to  children as itty bitty).  I photograph children, I photograph children’s fashion and I am a children’s author.  Hence  Itty Bitty Bot!  I hope you like them and hope you stay tuned and watch my collection grow.

Keep reading 🙂

I am so close to releasing my actions but I am still needing 1 more tester.  If you are working on PC CS3  shoot me an email .

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